Summer Flower Decorating Tips

Summer is here, and with it comes fun, bright summer flowers.  With so many different flowers in bloom, you’ve got a lot of decoration choices.  Do you want to go with traditional summer flowers or try something a little more exotic?  Here are some ideas for both.

Daisies are a classic spring and summer flower.  They are also very happy little flowers that will cheer up any room.  A nice arrangement of daisies with other flowers, like yellow roses, makes a nice mixture.  You can also mix daisy colors; a bouquet of yellow and white Gerber daisies looks very nice.  Daisies are a good choice for when you want to add some flowers to a room but don’t want those flowers to overpower your other decorations.

Nothing is as bright or as cheery as big, yellow sunflowers.  They’re perfect for rooms that have  a country or rustic theme.

Asiatic lilies look very elegant and can be mixed with greens or other similar sized blooms.  Use a plain, simple vase with these flowers so that they really stand out.

Hydrangea are a bold addition to your home.  These rich colors will grab your attention.  They’re more of a late summer flower, though, so you might want to hold off on them until late July or August.

Want something very minimal?  How about a few orchids in a small, simple vase?  This is a nice Zen arrangement for an office or artist’s studio.

How about something colorful?  Orange roses and carnations are bright and colorful.  An arrangement of these bright flowers can turn a dull room into a happy, energetic place.

After you decide on your flowers, think about the container.  You don’t have to go with a vase at all.  In fact, summer is a good time to experiment with different containers.  An old watering can, for example, is a fun vase.  Small buckets are another good choice.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things.  We certainly haven’t—check out our Birdhouse in Bloom arrangement, which comes in a small birdhouse container!

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