Score Major Points with a “Just Because” Bouquet

Receiving flowers and gifts on a special occasion like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, and celebration of a new baby is something anyone would appreciate, and everyone enjoys. For some occasions, flowers and gifts are highly expected. Take Valentine’s Day, for example… From probably around 16 years of age, many girls expect to receive a dozen roses at the very least on this “Hallmark holiday,” and many significant others find themselves sleeping in the dog house if they don’t comply with this well-known tradition. This cycle has pretty much become a part of the culture throughout the decades; and as much as that person loves receiving roses or other flowers on her birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc., I can guarantee you there is a far more meaningful way to express your adoration… it’s called “just because.”

Many underestimate the power of “just because.” Think about it… what do you imagine is more special or memorable: a gift on your birthday, or a spontaneous gesture out of the blue? Something as simple as a “just thinking of you” bouquet or gift speaks so much from the heart. It lets that special person know that you care for them in a way that compels you to express it not out of obligation (i.e., Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary), but out of a pure, simple, just-can’t-wait-another-minute-to-tell-you-I-love-you kind of love. “Just Because” occasions are probably the most appreciated and most effective acts of kindness when it comes to relationships and expression through gift giving.

Don’t wait another minute! Send a “just because” flower arrangement to someone special in your life today, and see for yourself how much more special this kind of message is. Don’t forget, this applies to anyone you appreciate… not just a significant other!


Send Just Because flowers in Roanoke, VA, today.