Our Favorite Romantic Movies

There are a lot of classic romantic movies out there, and many people love them.  But there are also some more modern movies that are romantic without really being considered “romantic” movies.  We love them just as much as we love traditional romantic films.

•    WALL-E.  Sure, most people wouldn’t think of WALL-E as a romantic movie, but think about it.  In amidst of WALL-E’s crazy adventure, he meets and falls in love with EVE.  It’s definitely a romantic film.

•    Brokeback Mountain.  While it doesn’t feature your traditional romantic couple, this movie, which made waves by featuring the love story of two men, is tender in all the right places, even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

•    Somewhere in Time.  This interesting 1980 film stars Christopher Reeve as a young writer who sees a photo of a beautiful woman (played by Jane Seymour) and decides he must be with her.  The problem?  It’s 1980, and the photo was taken in 1912.  He believes he travels back in time to meet her, but does he really?

•    Can’t Buy Me Love.  Sure, it seems like a cliché now.  How many movies have featured the story of a hot guy or girl dating a nerd for either money or as a dare?  But while this tale has been told to death now, it was still fairly fresh in 1987 when Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson played a high school nerd and the girl who agrees to date him for a month just to help him become cool.  Of course, by the end of the movie, she’s fallen in love with him for real.

•    Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and many other Disney movies.  Some people don’t think to include animated films on their lists of romantic movies, but almost all of them feature a love story.  It can be really fun to pull out some classic Disney movies and get lost in the fantastic stories they tell.

What romantic movies would make your list of all-time favorites?

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