Mother’s Day Movies you can Watch with Mom

Looking for an activity you can do with your mom that doesn’t involve trying to get a reservation at a restaurant or tickets to an event?  Why not stay home and have a movie night with mom?  You can make your favorite snacks and enjoy some of these great movies!  Now, while there are plenty of tear-jerkers out there, that might not be the right tone for you and your mom.  Here are a few different movies that might be perfect for you.

I Remember Mama – A classic older movie that tells the story of Katrin and her family.

Psycho – We did say “different!”  Hitchcock’s tale is great for any mom who would rather watch something a little more suspenseful.

Little Women – There are a lot of different versions of this classic tale out there, including a contemporary version starring Winona Ryder.

Stepmom – If you’re planning a Mother’s Day event with your own stepmother, this is a touching story that you might enjoy.  It stars Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, two outstanding actresses.

Your mom’s favorite movie – Even if it’s not something you’d think of.  If she loves science fiction, for example, maybe Alien is the way to go!  Pick whatever your mom loves and enjoy the day!

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