Make Father’s Day a Celebration!


Father’s Day is June 17th.  While the fireworks are usually saved for next month, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make Father’s Day a celebration of your love and admiration for your dad.  There are a number of things you can do to celebrate the day.

Fix Dad his favorite meal.  While it might mean you’ll be cooking all morning for lunch, it’s worth it to see your father happy and full of great food.  Have the entire family over and spend the day eating, visiting, and enjoying each other’s company.

Another option is to take Dad out to his favorite restaurant.  This means you don’t have to cook or do any of the cleaning.  The only downside is that you will probably need a reservation since many restaurants tend to fill up on the holidays.  This also means you might feel rushed to eat and leave so the table will be available.  One way to handle this is to have a late lunch or an early dinner so you avoid the crowd.

No matter which option you decide on, to really make Father’s Day a celebration, invite the entire family.  Sure, it may be difficult to find a restaurant that will seat 20 or so, which means you may have to limit lunch to just the immediate family.  Afterwards, though, you could meet up at your house or at a nearby park to spend the day with everyone.

One way of handling extended family is to have a small breakfast celebration with just your spouse and your kids, then meet up with your parents and all your siblings and their families for lunch or for an afternoon of visiting.  You could even spread Father’s Day over a few days if you have several different dads to honor.

Of course, you’ll want to get your dad a nice Father’s Day gift.  Hint: a tie probably isn’t the best gift unless your dad loves ties.  Today’s dads love iPads, smart phones, and blu-ray players.  For dads on the go, gift cards are certainly appropriate—some people say they’re not personal, but if you know your dad’s favorite restaurant, that shows you know him.

If you have young children, they might enjoy making Dad a gift.  There are a number of different crafts kids can make.  Cards, a scrapbook, and decorated cookies are all great gifts your kids can make or help you make.

Don’t forget a nice gift basket or flower arrangement for Dad.  While he might not want roses, we’ve got plenty of Father’s Day flowers in Roanoke, VA, that Dads will love.