Indoor Gardening Tips

Are you thinking about moving your garden indoors?  Maybe you’ve moved to a small apartment with no space for a garden, or perhaps you live in a cold climate where it’s just too difficult to grow flowers outdoors.  If you’re considering an indoor garden, here are a few tips.

•    Not all plants and flowers do well indoors.  Make sure the flowers you’re looking to plant will thrive inside.

•    Remember that the air indoors is very different from the air outdoors.  Keep your indoor plants and flowers out from hot air and air conditioning vents.  Also be sure that they are grown in rooms that don’t get too cold or too hot.

•    Be sure to water your indoor flowers regularly!

•    Make certain your plants get enough sunlight.  If they don’t, they’ll start to look frail and fragile.  Remember that plants will grow towards the light, so you may need to rotate your pots every now and then.

•    Wash off your plants every now and then.  Dust and other grime to occasionally build up on indoor plants, so be sure to clean them off with a spray bottle.

•    Remember to add some fertilizer to your plants on a regular basis because nutrients get flushed out of the soil every time you water them.

•    Don’t use soil from your garden for the pots.  It may have insects, weeds, and other unhealthy things in it.  Instead, be sure to get good potting soil from a nursery.  In addition to being clean, this soil contains extra nutrients and fertilizer.

With a little work, you’ll have a gorgeous indoor garden in no time!  Need some starter plants?  We’ve got some great flowering plants for delivery in Roanoke, VA!