Easy Halloween Decorations

Halloween is almost here!  Many people are celebrating this coming weekend, too, so you don’t have a lot of time to get your last-minute decorations up.  However, there are a lot of decorations that are very easy to make or put together.  If you don’t have a lot of time or money, here are a few different ways to decoration quickly and easily.

Look at the Dollar store.  Sometimes, their decorations are actually pretty neat and nice.  You can pick up a lot of stuff there for very little.

Instead of carving a jack o’ lantern, which takes a lot of time and can be messy, paint on pumpkins instead.  That way, you don’t have to deal with disposing of the insides, and you can get really creative.  Tape, stable, or glue different items to your painted pumpkin to add even more detail.  For example, add paper ears and a tail to make a cat pumpkin or wings to make a bat.

Black and orange crate paper makes for a very easy decoration, and you get so much of it in a roll that you can stream it all over the house.

Those fake cobwebs can be pretty easy to put up.  Just be sure you don’t put them up across places where people might walk.

Use what you’ve got.  Books like those by Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King can become part of your decorations.  So can stuffed black cats and toys/figures from different scary movies.

Be creative!  You can repurpose some of your old Halloween decorations or items.  Got an old witch doll that’s seen better days?  Cut the hat off it and add it to your Halloween wreath.

Get your kids involved, too.  They can help you make some simple decorations and put up decorations.

One super easy decoration is a bouquet of flowers.  We’ve got some great Halloween flowers in Roanoke, VA