Decorate Your Tree With Flowers

Are you looking for a different way of decorating your tree?  There are many different themes you could go with.  Some people decorate all in one color, while others go with all round ornaments or religious-themed ornaments.  But here’s a fun idea:  how about decorating your Christmas tree with flowers?  While it may be difficult to do the whole tree in live flowers, you can do a combination of live flowers, silk flowers, and flower-related ornaments to create a really amazing tree.

Starting at the bottom of the tree, you can put down a tree skirt with a flower pattern on it (you might have to make this yourself, but that just means you can find the perfect fabric).  This is one of the best places for live flowers since weight isn’t a factor.  You can put a beautiful potted poinsettia under the tree.  You can also surround the tree with flowers in beautiful holiday vases.

You might wonder how exactly you can put live flowers on your tree.  It is a challenge, especially if you want the tree to look beautiful for several days.  Weight is obviously an issue.  You can’t really put vases on your tree, after all.  What you can do is find small plastic or glass tubes, such as test tubes used in science labs, and fill them with water.  These will serve as your small vases.  If they’re not too heavy, you can clip them to a branch with a clothespin, but you’ll want to make sure they hang straight down.  You could also use wire to tie them around the branch.  To help against spills, cover the top with plastic wrap and poke a small hole large enough for the stem of the flower to fit through.

You can also clip or tie cut flowers to the tree without putting them in water, but of course, they won’t last as long.  This is a nice decorating touch for the day of your party, but you won’t want to do it too far ahead of time or the blooms will start to wilt.

For the top of the tree, you can repeat the small test tube vases or add fresh cut flowers around the crown.  Since you probably won’t want to do the whole tree in fresh flowers, you can space some nice silk flowers in between or some flower-shaped ornaments.  You could also put solid color balls in between the flowers.  Some white lights will set off red flowers very nicely, or you could go with red lights with white flowers.

The idea of adding flowers to your Christmas tree is sure to make an impression on your guests on Christmas Day!

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