Birthday Party Themes for Summer

Are you planning a birthday party?  If you’re working on a party theme, there are a number of different ideas that incorporate the warm weather, fresh flowers, and outdoor fun that come with summer.  No matter if it’s your own or if you’re planning it for someone else, whether it’s for an adult or a child, there are a number of great ideas for summer parties.

If it’s not too hot outdoors, have a garden birthday party.  There’s no real need to decorate—let your flowerbeds and natural outdoor setting do all the work!  You may have concerns about bugs, of course.  Be sure to take that into account when setting out food, and keep anything frozen, like ice cream, indoors until you’re ready to serve it.

Have a park birthday.  Like the garden party, a birthday at the park requires little decoration or setup.  If it’s a kid’s party, pick a park with a playground and let all the kids run wild for the afternoon!  The kids get to have fun, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up or guests getting too rambunctious indoors.

Summer parties don’t have to be outside, of course.  In fact, in some parts of the country, an outside party in July is torture!  Instead, you can bring some flowers indoors to capture the sights and smells of summer, but crank up the air conditioner to keep cool.

As far as party themes go, you’ve got many options.  A luau or Hawaiian theme is often popular.  You can use tiki torches outdoors to keep away the bugs, and if you’re skilled at cooking, you can even roast a pig.  Other tasty treats for this type of party include fresh fruits like pineapple and cool, fruity drinks.

Another good summer theme is nature.  Butterflies, tropical birds, or big, colorful flower decorations all make great summer themes.  You can find decorations that fit these themes at many different stores.

Looking for activities for a summer kid’s party?  You can buy some cheap butterfly nets and let the kids run around catching pretty insects.  You could also get small pots and seeds and help kids plant their own flowers.  Of course, anything water-related will be a hit: water slides, pools, or even going to a water park.

If your birthday is coming up, treat yourself to some great summer flowers in Roanoke, VA.