Be Thankful for All Mom Has Done

Mother’s Day is the one day set aside every year to thank mom for everything she has done for you.  Moms do so much for us, it seems like one day just isn’t enough.  There’s a lot we have to thank our mothers for.

First, there’s the obvious: our mothers gave birth to us.  Without them, we wouldn’t be in this world.  It only makes sense to honor the nine months and hours of labor (sometimes intense, painful labor!) that they went through to give us life.

Another reason why our moms deserve our thanks isthat they spent years nurturing and raising us.  Some of us grew up with our moms staying home to raise us.  These moms spent their days cooking, cleaning, and taking care of all our needs.  Other moms went out into the workforce and made certain our lives were as comfortable as possible by earning a paycheck.  Still others had that which is nearly impossible: be a single mom.  These moms had to both be the breadwinners and had to do their best to raise us with sometimes little help from others.  No matter which type of mom you had, they worked very hard during the early years of your life.

Moms sacrifice a lot, but they also take great joy in their job as a parent.  They love us unconditionally, and for that, they become one of the people who mean an incredible amount to us.  They provide us comfort when we most need it, they cheer us on, and they’re always there with a kind word and a hug when we most need it.  Of course, they also aren’t afraid to discipline us when we most need it or let us know when we’ve stepped out of line, but that’s part of what makes them so special—even when, as rebellious teens, we “hate” our parents, we still love them deep down because they’re just doing what’s best for us.

It’s because of these many reasons and much more that our moms mean so much to us.  Don’t forget to show your mom how grateful you are for all she’s done this Mother’s Day, and don’t forget those who have been like second mothers, either.  Any woman who has nurtured you, supported you, and provided you with all the love and comfort you need should be honored this Mother’s Day.

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