Administrative Professionals Top Ten Qualities

Administrative Professionals Day is next Wednesday, April 24.  It’s the time of year for executives to thank their hard working assistants and other administrative professionals.  Here are the top ten qualities an amazing admin pro will demonstrate, and they’re just a few reasons why the deserve thanks next week.

1.    They keep your office organized.

2.    They’re the face of your company—many of your clients will meet your admin pro before they meet anyone else in the office, so it’s up to these professionals to create a great first impression.

3.    They keep up-to-date on new technology and products and often train others on how to use them.

4.    They greet everyone with a smile and a friendly hello, making sure all of your visitors and callers feel appreciated.

5.    They know when to keep quiet and don’t pass along office gossip, but they also know when they need to bring something to your attention.

6.    They don’t dwell on problems—they don’t have time to.  Instead, they think of solutions.

7.    They always look professional.

8.    They know you’re under a lot of pressure, especially if you’re working on a large project.  They make sure you’re not bothered by dozens of small problems a day.

9.    They have amazing spelling and grammar skills, and they’ve learned how to decipher your handwriting (which is sometimes a major accomplishment!).

10.    They follow up on tasks and make sure the entire office runs smoothly.

Show your administrative professionals how much you appreciate them next week by sending them Administrative Professional Day flowers in Roanoke, VA.